A Computer Simulation of Cosmic Inflation


  • Hans-Otto Carmesin Gymnasium Athenaeum
  • Lennert Sprenger Gymnasium Athenaeum


Didaktische Rekonstruktion, Elementarisierung, Konzeptwechsel


From the Cosmic Microwave Background CMB, the flatness problem and the horizon
problem arose. An extraordinarily rapid increase of distances in the early universe, the
Cosmic Inflation, was proposed as a possible solution, whereby suggested mechanisms for
such an increase have been criticized (Steinhard: Scientific American 2011). We apply a
theory that explains Cosmic Inflation by an extended Friedmann Lemaitre Equation
combined with an energy term (Carmesin, H.-O.: Vom Big Bang bis heute mit Gravitation,
Model for the Dynamics of Space. Berlin: Verlag Dr. Köster 2017). We investigate various
questions by performing computer simulations. We observe a sequence of phase transitions
that cause an extraordinarily increase of distances. Our findings are in excellent quantitative
agreement with observations of the CMB. Thereby the theory depends on first principles and
the fundamental constants G, c and h only and we apply no fit in particular. We present the
development of the project in the framework of a Jugend forscht club.


Hans-Otto Carmesin, Gymnasium Athenaeum

Gymnasium Athenaeum: Lehrer

Studienseminar Stade: Fachleiter

Universität Bremen: Privatdozent




Carmesin, H.-O., & Sprenger, L. (2018). A Computer Simulation of Cosmic Inflation. PhyDid B - Didaktik Der Physik - Beiträge Zur DPG-Frühjahrstagung, 1. Abgerufen von https://ojs.dpg-physik.de/index.php/phydid-b/article/view/887