Students Derive an Exact Solution of the Flatness Problem


  • Hans-Otto Carmesin Gymnasium Athenaeum


elementarization, astrophysics, didactics, cosmology


In everyday life, time and space are essential. Moreover, space and time are fundamental concepts
of physics. For it, Newton made a first proposal with flat space and time evolving at a constant rate
as a basis. Einstein improved it with relativistic and curved spacetime. Accordingly to its relevance
in everyday life and in physics, students are interested in the topic. Here, I present a learning process,
by which learners can achieve the essential insights of special relativity and general relativity in an
exact manner. Thereby, students experience basic principles directly at a free fall tower and by taking photographs in a school observatory. Using these basic principles, they achieve inspiring and
exact results on their own, after an appropriate instruction. I present the learning process and a didactic analysis, so that you can directly use the concept for teaching. I tested the learning process in
various learning groups, and I report about experiences.


Hans-Otto Carmesin, Gymnasium Athenaeum

Gymnasium Athenaeum: Lehrer

Studienseminar Stade: Fachleiter

Universität Bremen: Privatdozent




Carmesin, H.-O. (2023). Students Derive an Exact Solution of the Flatness Problem. PhyDid B - Didaktik Der Physik - Beiträge Zur DPG-Frühjahrstagung, 1(1). Abgerufen von