An Observation Station for Geomagnetism and Magnetic Storms

A Project in a Research Club


  • Hans-Otto Carmesin Gymnasium Athenaeum
  • Florian von Bargen Gymnasium Athenaeum Stade und Brecht Schule Hamburg


Magnetic Storm, Science Education, Measuring Station, Research Club


Our project deals with the high-precision recording of the earth's magnetic field. The sun has a great influence on the fluctuations of this field. In order to record these fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field, we have set up a measuring station. We paid special attention to an interference-free environment in order to record with high accuracy. In early November 2021, auroras were reported in Germany, caused by a large solar flare. These can disturb modern GPS and communication technology. With my self-built measuring station, we were able to measure a significant change in the Earth's magnetic field, it was the largest flare we have recorded so far. This is one of many solar storms we have recorded. Through comparisons, we were able to show that my station accurately records solar storms. The software and hardware of the measurements were improved in several development steps, including computer science.


Hans-Otto Carmesin, Gymnasium Athenaeum

Gymnasium Athenaeum: Lehrer

Studienseminar Stade: Fachleiter

Universität Bremen: Privatdozent




Carmesin, H.-O., & von Bargen, F. (2022). An Observation Station for Geomagnetism and Magnetic Storms: A Project in a Research Club. PhyDid B - Didaktik Der Physik - Beiträge Zur DPG-Frühjahrstagung, 1. Abgerufen von



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